If you are willing to live in NYC and are looking for a hotel, then you should go to the grand central hotel because it is one of the biggest and the best hotel that you can find in all of NYC and the great thing is that the grand central hotel is known to be a five-star hotel which is not that much expensive like the other hotel which we see in the market or different places in the world. Grand central hotel is very old, and it can also be called a monumental building which means that it is old and has been there in the market for a long time. This is one of the reasons why the grand central hotel is one o the well-known hotel in all of NYC and is the hotel that has won several wards as they treat everyone that comes to their hotel with enough respect and also keeps them safe from any kind of danger that they might have.
Westgate is the name of the group that has created all the structures that are named as grand central, and they have been making them from 1800, and they have not yet stopped as they are renovating and doing other things to almost all of their hotels and the things which they have built.

If you want to stay in a room with a decent view, then you can go to the grand central hotel, and in the reception, you can ask for a room tour so that you can go to any room of your choice to see if that the room which you have chosen to stay in has a good view of the outside nature or not as there are two sides of the grand central hotel.
One side of the hotel is facing the other small and the big buildings that are there in the city, but you will see some kind of blockage in the view, but if you stay at the other side, which does not have that much blockage and is located at one of the higher floors of the building then you will get a room with the best view and this will be an ideal room, but the only thing is that the more special the room the price of per day and night will be higher.

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